## Principles Seminar v0 **Session 10 - Resourcefulness** Oskar, 2018-10-17 --- ## X. Resourcefulness > We are relentlessly resourceful. As we grow and have ready access to capital, it is our obligation to token holders to fight bureaucracy and inefficiencies within the organization. This means solving problems in the most effective way possible at lower economic costs (in terms of capital, time and resources). --- ## Wall of shame generation --- ## relentlessly resourceful - from pg essay on good founders - opposite of hapless - what we do is hard and novel - keep trying new things - permission-less and not relying on authority (http://www.paulgraham.com/relres.html) --- ## There is no magic bucket of cash - 2017 bull market - promise to 20k token holders in whitepaper - our duty --- ## 1. What sources of bureaucracy and inefficiencies do you see? --- ## 2. How can we be more effective in solving problems at lower cost? --- ## 3. Given that there's no traditional P&L and we have a lot of captital for user acquisition, how do we create a sense of urgency and force us to be resourceful? --- ## Thanks ---
{"title":"Status Principles Seminar v0 - Resourcefulness","tags":"principles, resourcefulness"}